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hehehe who is a sappy girl that draws sappy kissing turtles *point to self* moi XD another color version can be found here http://lilwhitefox2111.deviantart.com/art/give-me-a-kiss-will-ya-447931442 andddddddd some music to set the mood >:3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HbKnQxd0_E, but joking aside though, lately I have been hesitating in posting tcest on tumblr, idkpeople’sopinionsscaredmesometimes….

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Best “Nope” in the history of anything

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:3 오예!

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Mikey is so cute! x3 

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pose practice, warning: slight t-cest /DM

My little brother (1) 

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for juice-slammer-deactivated201404  who a long time ago asked for Mikey and April doing some family-like bonding.

Well…this is what my brain coughed up and IT WOULDN’T LET GO. I’m so sorry juice-slammer that this took so long! Some of the poses were really hard to figure out. XD

This is, of course, with all due respect and homage to the fabulous Mr. Bill Waterson. Calvin and Hobbes was such a formative part of my life, you can’t even imagine. XD

Sorry, I’m not good with continuity apparently. Mikey and April’s heights keep changing, and so does her face..>_<

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Casual reminder that this is a horrible blog featuring terrible things! 

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頑張れラファエロにいちゃん!  描こう描こうとおもってたアレ。

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What is your opinion on Raph and Leo's relationship? What do you think it is?


The way I see it, each turtle has their own specific type of relationship to each other.

I think Raph and Leo are best friends; I think they’re closer to each other than they are to Mikey or Donnie.
They definitely but heads the most, that’s obvious. They love to argue. There are times when I feel like Raph literally looks for excuses to yell at Leo, like how he’s constantly blaming bad things happening on Leo’s poor judgement.
I think a lot of that comes from Raph’s leadership envy, and I think Leo understands that. But Leo is always under constant pressure of failing and letting something happen to his brothers, and he doesn’t want Raph to feel that, so he fights back. In a way, I think Leo’s fighting is more of a plea for Raph to understand that leadership is actually a burden, and Raph is telling him he doesn’t want Leo to carry it alone. Neither of them know how to communicate that effectively, so it erupts into fighting.
But that’s what makes them so close: they can vent to each other. They can trust each other to see their vulnerable sides, which they’re both so closed in about. And that’s a huge part of being best friends: trusting each other more than you trust others.
On top of that, Leo’s chilled personality levels Raph out, and Raph’s anger/emotions encourage Leo to fight on. They’re like fire and ice, and opposites attract. And they compliment each other. They need each other.

At the end of the day, they will always have each others’ backs. They 
I absolutely adore Leo and Raph together. 

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Raphael finds a reason to change for the better.

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albino sea turtle

i think u mean soul of the ocean



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