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why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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SPN 10 countdown challenge | day 20 - episode 4 
↳ 1x04 - phantom traveler

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I’m kinda of curious right now.

How did you guys become TMNT fans?

Did you read the TMNT Comic book series first?

Did you starting watching the TMNT 80’s series first?

Did you started watching the TMNT 2003 series first?

Did you started watching the TMNT 2012 series first?

For me, I started…

It was a mix of the Mirage comics and the first movie. I never really watched the 80s cartoon was too silly for me. I liked dark and gritty things lol I stopped fan girling over the turtles around the third movie. Didn’t really get back into them until around 08 with the 03 series my son loved watching Oh yea my bro, cousins and I had various toys mixed between us and we’d usually play them when we got together (still have my 90s movie Leo toy)

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ちびちびプリンセス by 羽淵卯月 on pixiv

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by fantasma

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by アヤブー@こっそりフォローする

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Charging Timeˊ_>ˋ

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Wow man was just checking out the Sailor Starlights tag on here and 3/4 of it is trash talk about them smmfh granted most is about the anime. But still damn, I don’t see how people saw them as show stealing dicks but whatever floats your boat. Star Fighter/Seiya is and forever will be my second fav character regardless (Chibi Chibi being first) and I ain’t afraid to admit it. Though I like her manga character better

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Dunno i was bored and made this.

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I think Tumblr is full of Harukas now


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Adventure Time animator does art of Haruka and Michiru making out. Why is tumblr so wonderful.

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